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full4Poured Concrete Construction:

The clean, smooth lines of a poured concrete wall adapt to any landscape or setting. Easily formed in curves, straight lines, or irregular shapes, walls of concrete are strong and durable. They can also be used in garden or patio areas as decorative screens, borders, planter walls, tree wells, or retaining walls to control erosion or landscape an area.



fu3Decorative Stamped Concrete:

The leading edge of concrete is a process called pattern-stamping. This process involves “stamping” or “impressing” patterns into concrete with special stamping tools. The result is a surface that combines the beauty of masonry with the durability of concrete.



Concrete flatwork, it’s not 4” or 6” of concrete that you’re paying for, it’s the surface of the slab. What does the finish look like? Is it flat, does the water flow to the drain in a garage floor, is it easy to sweep and keep clean? Was the proper mix used for a durable, long lasting floor.? At Bayko Concrete, we take pride in all our floors and hold ourselves to a high standard of workmanship and pride in every floor we pour.




GYP-SPAN RADIANT is a high strength crack-resistant gypsum concrete designed for use over hot water tubes or electric cables without air bubbles. It is quick drying and can be walked on in 90 minutes. It locks radiant tubes in place and evenly distributes heat throughout, providing a smooth, flat and warm surface ready for finished floor coverings.

Concrete Pumping Service:

We have our own in-house boom mounted concrete pump to aid in construction on difficult sites