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Q. How much do you charge per square foot for a floor?

A. When we quote a floor we look at each individual job. There are many factors involved in quoting a floor, such as: How many sq. ft., 50 or 5,000, 4”thick or 6” thick, fibermesh or wire mesh, visqueen, insulation for in-floor heat? All of the above factors play a part in quoting a floor, which is why we quote by the job and not by the sq. ft.

Q. How much do you charge per lineal foot for a basement?

A. When we quote a basement we look at each individual job. There are many variables to consider when quoting a basement. Will there be 8 ft. tall walls, 9 ft. tall walls, or 12 ft. tall walls, 8” thick or 10” thick, 150 lin. Ft. or 200 lin. Ft., a box or several corners. Do we need a boom pump to place the concrete? All of these variables play a part in quoting a basement, which is why we look at each individual job when presenting a quote. This is why we do not quote by the lineal foot.

Q. My concrete basement floor has cracks. Can you prevent cracks in concrete floors?

A. Concrete will crack. We cut our concrete floors/slabs as soon as we can walk on them. We use a Soff-Cut saw to prevent the slab from chipping. It is good practice to cut the concrete floor before it stresses out. By cutting the concrete floor early and cutting it correctly the cracks should follow the cuts in the floor.

Q. Why do you seal the concrete floor?

A. Sealing a concrete floor helps in the curing process. It also makes it easy to sweep and maintain. We use an acrylic cure-n-seal. We seal the floor after we cut it.

Q. When you have an ice covered sidewalk/driveway is it safe to use Rock Salt?

A. Rock Salt shouldn’t be used on concrete. It can harm the surface of the concrete, especially in the first year the concrete is poured. The best thing to do is shovel the snow off, but if you do have an ice build-up problem you can use ice melt, but use it sparingly.